Industry is providing the solution to the worlds environmental issues.

PHA a possible solution to the plastic problem
A possible solution to the issues of single use plastics.

We here quite often that the people feel helpless and worried about the environmental issues facing the world so at a meeting in London in we were discussing how science provides solutions to Carbon emissions, here’s a great example and something that will not only solve the worlds plastic issues while actually benefiting the environment.

We are not helpless in solving the environmental issues of the planet and companies like ours are looking at replacement polymers.…/…

Don’t bin your wrapping paper

2018 was a crazy year for us and we won awards , grew the business and we felt we deserved a hearty Christmas celebration and we had quite a few pressies this year all wrapped up in non recyclable wrapping paper and after opening my third box of Lynx Africa , I started to think what do we do with the wrapping paper as we aren’t big lovers of creating waste.
So we started to come up with possible solutions and then realised we were reinventing the wheel as we found this excellent article from Alessia at Buzzfeed.

So we thought we would share it with you..