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Our Buy British Range

We Love Buying British

We plan on eventually only supplying, manufacturing and distributing products made in the UK and we have done a pretty good job as we are 68% there , this is all out British made products.

Made By Nature

We use nature to provide solutions to unnatural problems like plastic packaging.
All of our products are made from nature and can be returned to nature.
Our compostable range is good for the planet...
All of our products are made from plants

Reasons to Buy from The Pure Option™

Making a Difference The Pure Option way.
You don't have to change your lifestyle, if you want to use a take-away cup or you want to use a straw, why shouldn't you, it's all about making the right choices, we don't like barriers, we believe in solutions, if plastics straws cause a problem, then make them from plants which help the environment, simple really.

We are experts in compostable and green eco-friendly sustainable products.
We can all create a better more sustainable world just by buying the right products, all of our products are designed to be an eco-friendly alternative to their non recyclable alternative.
Our compostable products are all designed to add positively to the environment they are disposed of and because of our ethical policy towards our supply chain, they also help to improve the lives of the people making them, everything we do is designed to provide a social and environmental business.

We are always improving and adapting 
We started all the way back in 2003 supplying compostable packaging and we were convinced that packaging made from plants had the potential to change the world and is easily the best option for the planet.
That said we know that not all areas are composting packaging waste so so we have recently added recyclable products which are designed to be recycled.

Making a difference doesn't require barriers or huge changes.
We started because we realised that living a more sustainable lifestyle should be a barrier to modern life, it should enrich it, it just needed a change of thinking , we are solution led, give us a problem and we want to solve it, not create another one.

We make them from good stuff.
All of our products are designed to greatly reduce / eliminate pollution, waste, require less energy to create, they are sustainable, we actively avoid using materials from food stock.
So we research, manufacture, distribute , supply and create products that are genuinely biodegradable (there is a lot of fake biodegradable stuff about, not ours obviously), compostable or recyclable.
They are all designed to compliment your cafe, restaurant,delis, festival, take-away and coffee shop business.

Why we are trusted and respected
We live these values so you can confidently buy from us knowing we will always do the honourable thing and source and create products that addresses social inequality and makes a huge difference to your planet.

Let your customers know they aren't powerless
Our research shows that there is a feeling of helplessness when it comes to the environment as the media is obsessed with portraying climate change as a battle we can't and aren't winning. but we aren't powerless, we just need to make small steps to fix the world.

We Want To Educate & Not Just Sell To You
We want you to make an informed choice and that's why we offer additional value as we calculate just how much of an impact you are making, we know the power of ethical consumerism and how it can drive business, so we give you the figures you need to thrill your customers.
We also want to drive down costs of doing the right thing so we are always research and developing new materials to solve the single-use plastic problem, we are constantly learning and improving our range.

We know that British is best 
We are always looking at ways of improving our carbon footprint and that is why we have added a Made in Britain range that reduces the carbon footprint of our products by 12% , making a bigger environmental impact and just as importantly improve the lives of people in the UK.