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Plant a Cup

Our cups can be used as plant pots


Compostable products for food to go

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Compostable products for your bakery

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Coffee Shops

Compostable products for your coffee shop

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100% plant based biodegradable cups

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100% plant based biodegradable food boxes

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Over 300 products made from plants

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No6 Kraft Disposable Dispenser Napkins 6"

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No10 Premium Compostable Food Boxes 10x5"

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About Us

We've been around since 2003

We have Europe’s largest range of compostable packaging products with over 300 products, all designed to replace single use plastic with a plant based compostable alternative.

You can buy from us with confidence as 100% of our products are compostable and biodegradable, so they add positively to the environment they are disposed of in.

It's a natural solution to the un-natural problem of plastic based packaging.

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