A Little Bit About Us

Our Values

We are a business based around ethical conduct and transparent ethical led values and we trade and try to live by these 10 values.

We are an ethical green ecologically sound company that conducts business in a socially responsible, honourable and ethical manner and we do not produce or distribute any products that have a negative effect on the environment they are used and disposed of in. We support ethical and honourable treatment of our team and all of our employees are paid at least the living wage to provide a better standard of living for the team. We work with our supply chain to encourage them to share our values and we will not work with a company that employs child labour, forced labour and does not pay a fair wage. All of our actions are geared to protecting the environment and being a positive influence on the world community and all business processes must be based around the value. We try to live these ideals in our home lives and our team are encouraged to share these values. We believe in profit sharing and a percentage of our profits are redistributed to the team, we believe that everyone should benefit from our success. We are transparent in our business practices, we are open too and encouraged scrutiny. We operate by a system of continuous improvement, so we always look at ways of doing things better for us, our suppliers, customers and the community. We encourage feedback from our customers and our team as all feedback is a gift. We won’t take ourselves too seriously as we want a great work life balance for our team but not at the expense of exceptional customer service (we only do exceptional), we want you to become our Brand Ambassadors (70% of our business comes from recommendations).