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We wouldn’t call ourselves eco warriors, but we do think of ourselves as engaged corporate citizens and we were unhappy with the modern throw and forget lifestyle, so we created The Pure Option™ to solve issues that damage the environment by providing solutions not barriers.

We now have Europe’s largest range of compostable packaging products with over 300 products, all designed to replace single use plastic with a lot more in development.

All our compostable products are made from plants, so they are a natural solution to an unnatural problem and because they come from plants they are designed to break down with 13 weeks into Earth friendly compost that benefits the environment it’s disposed of in, it’s completely circular as they come from plants and can be used to grow more plants, it’s a natural solution to an un-natural problem.

We are a solution led business that looks at things differently, we don’t like barriers and we don’t believe people should change their lifestyles, we think like this.

"​ I want convenience but it's you bad for the environment"​  so our way of looking at this is “let’s find a solution”, we just don’t believe the solution is about saying "no"​ to lifestyle and convenience but changing what we do and how we do it , if we liked business clichés we would say we “like to think outside the box” but we don’t like clichés so let’s not mention it.

We are so good at solving environmental issues and providing products that are socially responsible, that we also advise other organisation to find solutions to their plastic problems and replace them with an environmentally positive solution, delivered in a socially responsible way.

We want to help to change the world and we have a range of products that help us to achieve this lofty goal, but we do this by making modern life convenient, barrier free and socially responsible. without having a negative effect on the environment.

Our Journey - From then to now 

If you the type who likes to know more about a company and their journey , you can see a timeline of our journey, here it is.

The Pure Option™ story goes all the way back to 1996 when Charlie ( one of the Directors) decided that he wanted to bring North American macaroni cheese to the British masses and this set us up on a 20 year plus journey until  we arrived here.

Our business Journey