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Our Directors


Our Values

We wouldn’t call ourselves eco warriors (we have never for example never chained ourselves to a tree), but we like to describe ourselves as engaged, ethical citizens.

We have always been unhappy with the throw and forget lifestyle, so we created The Pure Option™ to find solutions to the environmental harm caused by petrol based packaging and we do this by putting barriers in your way, we don't like re-usable as this is just deferring the problem for the future.

We know that most people want to do the right thing but people have hectic lifestyles, so make it easy to do the right thing and most people will choose to do the right thing for the planet.

We now have Europe’s largest range of compostable packaging products with over 400 products, all designed to replace single use plastic with a lot more in development.

All our compostable products are made from plants, so they are a natural solution to an unnatural problem, and because they come from plants they are designed to break down with 13 weeks into Earth friendly compost (if collected by a responsible waste company that composts plant based packaging) that benefits the environment it’s disposed of in, it’s completely circular, as they come from plants and can be used to grow more plants, to put it simply,  it’s a natural solution to an un-natural problem.

We are a solution led business that looks at things differently, we don’t like barriers and we don’t believe people should change their lifestyles, if we were to describe our ethos, it would go like this - 

We want fix this way of thinking "​ I want convenience but it's you bad for the environment"​   and replace it with " I want convenience, but that's ok as I know how to make the right choices".

So to put it simply, we think this way “Ok, that's the problem, so let’s find the solution”, our way of thinking is about empowering and helping people to make the right choices, we know that environmental anxiety is a real thing but the current narrative, is "don't" and not "do" , it's all about blame and no solution, if we liked business clichés we would say we “we like to think outside the box” but we don’t like business clichés so let’s just call it "thinking".

We are so good at solving environmental issues and providing products that are socially responsible, we are so good at it that we advise other organisation to find solutions to their plastic problems ( we mentioned it earlier but this is the solution without barrier approach) we just look at replacing the wrong material with the right material , if you really think of it, did it ever make sense to make a single use item out of a non sustainable and environmentally destructive bunch of dead dinosaurs and trees (just in case it isn't clear, we are talking about petrol).

We really believe we can help to change the world and we have a range of products that help us too achieve this lofty goal, but we do this by making modern life convenient, barrier free and socially responsible and all this delivered without having a negative effect on the environment.

Dual Vision Statement ( sorry another business term here)

To solve the un-natural problem of plastics, using a natural plant based solution.

Barrier free solutions.

Our Awards

We are greatly honoured to be nominated and win a number of awards, here is a few of these awards.

Our Journey

It's hard to believe but it all with macaroni and cheese (more about that later) but The Pure Option™ as we know it today, started with a question.

 "what happens to this when it's thrown in the bin" 

We were walking through a local shopping centre when we wondered what happens to our foam chip box when it gets thrown in the bin , a simple question with a very complex answer.

When we researched it's journey we found a very complex system of what happened to this polystyrene box , sometimes it's sent abroad be burned for energy for waste to provide energy for Norwegian homes ( and yes we actually paid them for taking it) and sometimes it was sent to landfill to sit around for decades until it broke down and contaminated the earth.

The problem is we were part of the problem , we threw it it away and we just didn't know what we didn't know.

So we realised we were part of the problem, so we decided to do something about it, but we are getting ahead of ourselves, because this is how we started , it's a bit of a long story.