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Bagasse Tableware

What's bagasse ?
Bagasse is a great environmentally positive eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene as it's made from waste generated from the sugar industry so it's even reusing a waste material and as it's made from plants and can be composted to grow more plants, it's a natural Earth Positive™ way of creating a replacement for problematic materials such as polystyrene.
The good thing about bagasse is that it has all the benefits of polystyrene but none of the downsides , it's great for insulating take-away foods and it comes in many different sizes and shapes to match whatever product you want to keep in it and more importantly it's has a huge number of social and environmental benefits when compared to other materials.
Just making the switch to bagasse from polystyrene saves this much carbon per box,.
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6" Small Bagasse Eco-Friendly Round Plates

6" Bagasse Eco-Friendly Round Plates

7" Medium Bagasse Eco-Friendly Round Plates

7" Bagasse Eco-Friendly Round Plates

10" Large Bagasse Compostable Round Plates

10" Bagasse Compostable Round Plates

12oz Standard Compostable Bagasse Bowls

Standard Compostable Bagasse 12oz Bowl

6" Small Bagasse Eco-Friendly Square Plates

6" Bagasse Eco-Friendly Square Plates

14oz Large Compostable Bagasse Bowls

14oz Large Compostable Bagasse Bowls

8" Medium Bagasse Compostable Square Plate

Square design plates, a great alternative to round plates

10" Large Bagasse Eco Square Plates

10" Bagasse Eco Square Plates

10x5" Bagasse Compostable Rectangular Plate x 500

10x5" Bagasse Compostable Rectangular Plate .