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Baguette & Bagel

We have a some great choices for serving your baguettes this includes bags boxes and trays all designed to make your food the star of the show. We also have Bagel scoops which makes pre prep and serving easier and quicker for you. They also work with quiches and doughnuts. 
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Kraft Baguette Collar x4000

Keep your baguette together!

Kraft 10" Hot Dog/ Baguette Open Tray x 500

Kraft open baguette tray

Kraft Board Baguette / Hot Dog Tray x 500

Great for baguettes or hot dogs

Ssupa Snax eco-friendly compostable Hot Dog tray  x 1000

Ssupa Snax compostable hot dog trays x 1000

Kraft Baguette Tuck Top Boxes 10" x 125

These baguette boxes are made from compostable materials and they have an attractive window to better display your baguettes.

White Bagel / Doughnut Scoop x 1000

White Bagel Scoop

Plain Kraft Bagel / Doughnut Scoop x 1000

Kraft bagel scoop