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 We are always looking for companies  who share our values and want to help to make a difference, let's not forget all of our products have an ethical, social and environmental benefit, so you do have to have a social conscious to sell our products but if this sounds like you, then we want to build a great relationship.

We have Europe's largest range of compostable products and our range is growing all the time, we find a problem product and we adapt and improve it , it's the way we work , we really do think that our products can help to create a more sustainable and ethical future.

What we offer 

  • Our knowledge, there really isn't many people in the world that have the collective knowledge about compostable products, that we have and we can help inform you about anything compostable, we don't want to brag but we do know our stuff.
  • We have a huge range of products , currently about 500 but this is growing all the times, we have found plant based solutions to just about all types of plastic.
  • We are award winning , we have won a number of well respected awards in the Environment Sector.
  • We can offer reduced shipping costs and discounts for bulk international orders, the more you order the cheaper we can get your shipping and price structure.
  • We are a pretty flexible bunch, if we don't make it we can get it made, we work around you.
  • We have made some mistakes and we learnt from them , we can provide you technical and practical knowledge to help you develop your compostable business, minus the mistakes.
  • Our entire range is certified to an international standard and we have a strict ethical policy that means you are working with a company you can trust.
  • We are an ethical and living wage employer.
  • We don't work with companies that aren't ethical and environmentally responsible so you can be certain you are working with a partner who will always do the right thing.
  • We have international reach, we can send all around the world, even to countries that are a bit off the beaten track.

What we look for?
We check our supply chain and expect a high standard from our manufacturing partners and supply chain and of course we do expect anyone who works with us to work in a way that is ethical and environmentally positive, we worked hard at building our reputation and we look for partners who also think the same.

What we look for?
If this sounds like you , we would love to hear from you.