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 We are always looking for companies  who share our values and want to help to make a difference, let's not forget all of our products have an ethical, social and environmental benefit, so you do have to have a social conscious to sell our products, but if this sounds like you, then we want to build a great relationship.

We have Europe's largest range of compostable products (300 at last count with another 50 in development), we find a problem product and we adapt and improve it , it's the way we work , we really do think that our products can help to create a more sustainable and ethical future.

What we offer 

Distributor Discounts

We offer a tailored approach to discounts, the more you order the bigger the discounts, we feel it's the fairer way and doesn't exclude smaller distributors from distributing our products.

What we look for
Our reputation as a trustworthy, transparent, honest, ethically and environmentally credible company means that we take this trust in us seriously, so we check our supply chain to make certain that they are operating in an ethical and environmentally responsible ways along with our supply chain and that does mean we do expect anyone who works with us to work in a way that is ethical and environmentally positive, we worked hard at building our reputation and we look for partners who also think the same, so we will want to know a little bit about your company so we can be certain that we share the same values.

What we need from you
We need information about your business, this can be website or some information that allows us to do some checks, please note that requesting to become one of our valued and trusted distribution partners means you agree to us doing a few background checks, nothing intrusive, we just want to make certain we are on the same page.


Still interested in becoming one of our valued supply partners.
We would love to hear from you.