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Charlie Richardson
The FSB National Awards 2023
It was an incredible day and we were up against some incredible businesses doing incredible things to make the world more sustainable, so we were thrilled to be the #fsbawards2023 Welsh Sustainable Business of the Year but sadly it was Scotlands day...
Some good news to report, it took a while
We have been talking about the huge environmentally damage that comes from peat extraction and how composting plant based packaging could be the solution to the huge harm done by peat extraction since 2018 and they have finally done it.
A simple answer to the complex problem of plastics
I once watched a documentary on the Poundshop and the most common question they were asked was “how much is this?” and we have the same issues as we often get asked “Which of your products are not made from plants” and we have a very simple answer.
The Pure Option Win the FSB Wales Award for Sustainability 2023
We have won quite a few awards but to win the FSB Sustainability Award really meant something ( not saying the other awards we won didn't , it's just we weren't expecting to win).
Its not a conspiracy if its true
I was once interviewed by the BBC to talk about the effects of tax on business and I pointed out to the interviewer that we were also effected by the Plastic Tax even though we have never sold plastics and our products don't contain plastics ( see below)...