Our  eco -green Vegware boxes, cartons are all made from Kraft board making them compostable. The boxes have a greaseproof lining and a clear window. They are great for presenting cold salads, pasta or cakes and the lids can be shut with 3 handy tabs.Our versatile  food cartons have a water-based and compostable grease resistant lining made up with a leak proof, webbed corners and fold in flaps give a secure closure. Suitable for hot food up to 160°c.
Our eco-green Vegware  salad boxes are great way to present salads, cakes or pasta. Made from Kraft board and lined with a greasproof lining and a clear window made from plant based PLA -72% less carbon than plastic.
Vegware's sandwich boxes are completely compostable. They are made from brown kraft board with a compostable liner and a clear window made from plant-based PLA. They are supplied flat and assembly is very simple - no origami required! Our a kraft board platters come in two sizes, both with a nice big clear window made from plant-based PLA. Very stylish, and completely compostable - perfect for catering for eco-conscious companies and events. Ideal for cold foods such as sandwiches or chocolate brownies.