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We don't just want to sell a product, we want to enrich and improve the world we live in. We want to be responsible Corporate Citizens and we like to think bigger, so all our products are sourced from manufacturers who have at least one of the following certifications and standards as part of their business process.
We believe that our business can and must make the world a better place, so our manufacturers must contribute to making the world a greener and more ethical world.
The Pure Option or its supply partners have one or more of the following certifications and are considered responsible Corporate Citizens.

PEFC or FSC certification
The wood or paper source in our products comes from a sustainable wood source which means they are responsibly managed with a replanting program in place and a chain of custody in place (which shows where the wood comes from and how it's harvested).

Carbon Capture
A number of our manufacturing partners are part of the Woodland Trust Carbon Capture program that reduces Co2 by planting trees.
We also use a domain company that uses carbon neutral servers by offsetting through carbon capture.
We use DPD as our delivery company as they offset their carbon and are carbon neutral in their delivery options.

SEDEX and socially responsible
A number of our suppliers are signed up to an ethical and socially responsible business organisation like SEDEX but we also have our own standard; we check our supply chain achieves the Purely Positive™ standard and we research our supply partners to make certain they abide by these standards.

1. Freedom of association & right to collectively bargain.

All employees should be free to join groups and to work together to agree renumeration and benefits.

2. Fair and just renumeration.

All employees should receive a fair and reasonable pay that reflects the going rate of the market.

Something to note - All employees of The Pure Option will always receive the living wage and will receive a share in the profits to better improve the living conditions of our team.

3. Safe working environment.

All employers will be expected to have a safe working environment and safe working conditions.

4. Special conditions for young employees.

All employers who have under 16 year olds employed in their business must pay them a fair wage and they must not work more than 30 hours per week.
Something to note - We personally do not hire anyone under 16 years old but we have found that to insist on our supply chain not hiring anyone under 16 years old had a negative effect on the living standards of some of the employees of our supply chain. We had to abandon a complete ban on the employment of under 16 year olds because our good intentions didn't have a positive outcome.

5. No restrictive employment policies.

No employee should be employed on a zero hour contract unless the employee specifically asks for a zero hour contract, self-employed employees are free to work for other companies and no employee is working unpaid.
Something to note - We do not hire someone on zero hour contracts unless they specifically ask for zero hours.

6. Honest and honourable business practices.

All employers and their staff members should not be involved in corruption, extortion or bribery.

Something to note - This is really simple for us, we do not compromise our values and we will never be involved in dishonest and under-hand business practices. If it doesn't meet our values, we just won't do it.

7. No Discrimination.

All employers practise non-discriminatory policies and everyone is treated equally regardless of race, sex, age, religion & sexuality.
Something to note - We love diversity and we love to hire people who share our values; discrimination just isn't in our DNA.

8. Fair hours.

No employee must be forced to work longer than 40 hours per week.
We don't compromise on our compostable products, either the material or the whole product has one of the following accreditation's.

Compostability - Vincotte EN13432 or BPI ASTM D6400
The US generally uses the ASTM D6400 certification whereas the rest of the world tends to use EN13432. They are basically the same and both guarantee that a compostable product meets the following criteria (all of our products are EN13432 and a number of them are also ASTM D6400). We have simplified the criteria as it makes for dull reading but, should you want the full breakdown, email us and we can send it to you.

  • Disintegration - The material must turn to soil at the same rate as paper
  • Biodegradability - The material must break down into safe small pieces
  • Eco Positive - The compost must be suitable for seed growing
  • Heavy Metals - The compost is safe to go into the soil

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