Cold Cups

 What does the series number mean?
We have updated our product names to help you find the right lid for your cups, soup containers and more. 
The series number is is the mm diameter of the matching lid -- Helping you choose the right lid.
Our eco-green cold drinks cups are made from plant-based PLA which contains 79% embodied carbon than plastic.  Available in 76mm slim cups or 96mm standard cups. Both have flat or domed lids with or without straw holes ( available separately). These compostable cups are light and strong, ideal for drinks or cold desserts up to 40C.The cups range from 5oz to 20oz, with matching domed or flat lids. Our cups come with a discrete Vegware print, but many sizes are also available in plain.Our funky green-stripe straws are compostable too.
Slim 76 series  Cold Cups
Our eco slim PLA cups have a 76mm rim diameter to fit many water coolers cup dispensers, and the 7oz is perfect for serving wine. These are also popular for fruit salads, yoghurts and puddings when used with the no-hole lids.
Standard 96 series  Cold CupsOur Vegware standard cups are available in four sizes and are available in both the plain and green swirl design. use with the 96mm lids



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Cold Cups
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