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Compostable Labels

We’ve spent quite some time creating a truly compostable label that meets our standards but we have finally managed to create the perfect adhesive and perfect paper source that is 100% compostable and our new range of labels are made of compostable Earth Friendly™ materials made from plants that are designed to break down into nutrient rich compost in as little as 13 weeks and like all of our paper products, they are made from ethically sourced cane fibre or FSC certified paper sources from sustainable wood sources.
It is often overlooked but if you are using compostable packaging and an ordinary label , it means the product is no longer completely compostable so we recommend adding these labels to our range of compostable packaging so the whole thing is compostable.

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Half Insert for Large Sandwich / Buffet Platters x 50

These insert are designed to break up a large platter box so they can be used for multiple food types.