It's business as usual for us but please note there are some stock shortage of products not made in the UK, we are doing our best to source these in the UK.

A Message from the Managing Director.

I probably don't need to tell you that these are not normal times, so like all responsible  businesses in the world at the moment we are regularly risk assessing our whole operations.

I plan on attempting to keep things as normal as we can ( as normal as not normal times can be) but we have an obligation to you, our suppliers and the world as a whole to mitigate risk.

 We made a decision on 2019 to move as much of our production to the UK and this has proven to be a very wise move so the changes we have to make will have only a minimum affect and should not hinder our customer service aims and stock availability.

So here is the few short term measures we have taken to minimise any risks.

Home Working

All of my team have mainly worked from home and we have felt this was better for the individual and better for the environment, so the only real change is that there will be no meetings in the office, so we won't be able to accept customer collections at the moment.

There may be a slightly slower response to your emails or phone calls as some of our team work in non mobile phone signal areas ( I appreciate that this is surprising in the 21st Century) so  please bare with if we are slower in responsing to your emails or answering your call, we will always get back to you.
We would recommend contacting us by clicking on our live chat option which is at the bottom right of our website or you can send us an email  and we will get back to you.


I will personally be going into the office three times a week to make certain that orders are dispatched and to minimise disruptions all UK deliveries will be sent next day.

Please also note that we have been informed by our main carrier DPD , that they will be keeping a distance when delivering your order and will not be asking for a signature to keep social distancing.


We have spent the last year attempting to make as many of our products in the UK  and this has as mentioned, proved to be a wise move as it has meant that we do not have the supply issues that some of our competitors are having and hopefully this should not change but if there is any issue it is likely to be with our non UK made products  , we like everyone else are having to wait and watch but so far it looks good.

Please note that PLA, Bagasse and some wooden products are made outside the UK so these are the problem areas that may have a supply issue.

I will keep updating our web pages when more information becomes available but in the mean-time I want to thank you for your patience and I would like to remind you, I am here to answer your questions and help with any issues, so please feel free to get in touch.

Many Thanks for your patience, stay safe and remember the 2 meter rule.


Managing Director.