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Why So Late Discounting? 

We are usually pretty certain about what's the right thing to do as we are a pretty ethical bunch, but discounts was strangely a big flash point in our office.

It was agreed that in order to encourage people to make the right choices we were going to have to price our products as low and still make a profit so we started with no discounts, just very low prices.

It worked but only partially, as it meant that everyone paid the same price , which was great for our customers who weren't big enough to order in bulk but this discouraged large customers and gave no incentive to order in bulk.

This led to us being asked (quite often) "what's the encouragement for me buying in bulk",  so we realised that the one size fit all approach to selling was not working for our Customers or even for The Pure Option as we just couldn't make a profit.

So we were faced with a dilemma, most of our customers ordered only just enough and ordered little and often.
Which meant we were sending a lot of smaller quantity orders that was increasing our delivery costs and greatly increasing our carbon footprint (something a business based around ethical business practises like us was never comfortable with and the extra cost of carriage actually pushed us into a loss.

So the customers who ordered little and often were happy,  but not our owners, our environmental audit team and our larger customers.

So change was needed and inevitable, but the big question was how to keep everyone happy and still remain in business.


So what did we do?

We did away with free delivery and created a minimum order of £200 for free delivery.

Which had the following benefits.

  • It's reduced transportation Co2 by 8.4kg per delivery, a tree would take 140 days to absorb this much carbon.

  • It reduced costs per order by an average of 8% which we could use for discounts which increased our orders and transaction values, , so no one lost out and this simple change allowed us to provide discounts , increases sales and reduce our carbon footprint.

Result - 
This has allowed us to reduce our Co2 output by 50% , save 8% on delivery charges per order which allowed us to offer a discount, increase transactions, make a profit and greatly reduce our environmental impact.

Everyone wins.

So why was it such an office flash point ?

It's hard to convince people in a business that was losing money to have the faith that giving discounts is actually a good idea.
There was times when we wondered if we were making the right decision as we needed to turn a profit in order to achieve our environmental and financial goals,our cost cutting had been so effective that Company reps would ring us and say "I can't find you" and we would have to say "it's at the back of a load of miners cottages" as no one expected a business our size to be run from the back of a residential address , but it did save us £26000 per year ( we have since had to move to bigger premises as our team grew along with our product range but it did help us to survive the first crucial years).

We made our first ever profit and it was done without compromising our strong ethical and environmental beliefs , it even turned out to lower our environmental impact as a business and it had little or no negative affects on our customers.

Everyone wins.

So what about the future?

A business that makes money can continue to remain in business and can continue with its mission to change the world (we like to aim big around here)  and we are now making money not a lot but enough to plan the next part of our journey and it's an exciting one.

We don't want to just sell compostable products we want to improve them and make them in the UK and we are pretty close to inventing a new material that will come from British farm stocks, be compostable ( so good for the planet ) , greatly reduce our admittedly small Co2 footprint ( small and about to get tiny).
We even have plans to make a difference on a local, national and international level , we have big plans but as mentioned we did need to operate on tight margins and keep spend to an absolute minimum, one of our Directors has never received a wage so we can save their wages and reinvest them back in the business.

So what are the discounts again?

So now offer an automatic discount to all repeat customers and we now create promotions which we send to all of our subscribers, so being on our mailing list allows us to email you our latest offers and we can also let you know about our new Earth Positive™ products.