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Disposable Biodegradable Compostable Face Masks

Disposable Biodegradable Compostable Face Masks
Disposable Biodegradable Compostable Face Masks
Disposable Biodegradable Compostable Face Masks
Disposable Biodegradable Compostable Face Masks
Disposable Biodegradable Compostable Face Masks

Disposable Biodegradable Compostable Face Masks

8 quantities available (Box of 50)

Product Information

Why we love them

We all appreciate that during these strange times that a disposable mask is the safest and wisest option but it's no secret that we hate plastics so we found a company that shared our desire to remove plastics and so we have the worlds first compostable biodgradable mask.

It was also important that they were made right here in the UK and this is a UK manufactured product with superior quality control and superior 3 ply material, these are not those cheap tissue paper type masks you may be used too,  and they are even designed to be comfortable to wear.

Please note this product is made from a material that comes from corn so they have a non chemical plant based smell , which is pleasant and neutralises odours.

NHS Compliance

These face masks are so new they don't have a CE mark and as the UK has left the EU , we are awaiting the new certification body , so we are in a bit of limbo with regards to certification , they have been extensively tested and exceed the requirements of a face mask but until we can get the UK certification (whenever that becomes available) we can not claim that they are approved for NHS use, this is something that will be corrected as soon as the UK CE mark alternative is available.


While these masks are compostable , there is something to note , used face masks do present a contamination risk, so we recommend that you either add them to your general waste in a well tied bag or you can use a company that has an expertise in composting packaging and PPE.

First Mile

So why make them compostable, we here you ask?

The fact is the current masks have lots of plastic components on top of their paper content so they are the new plastic bottle, so we wanted a mask that doesn't cause any environmental damage when they are disposed of.

Composting - Please use only specialised companies that have an expertise in PPE & compostable products disposal.

Landfill - This is becoming rarer and rarer as new general waste collections typically go to an Energy for Waste facility ( EFW facilities burn the waste to create carbon saving electricity) but should you be in an area that has moved over to EFW facilities yet and it is sent to landfill, it will break down into compost and will actually benefit the environment when it breaks down ( it's worth knowing in layered landfill times are longer to break down).

EFW - This is the most common route these days for waste ( or it is in the UK, we can't comment around the world) so when our masks are incinerated they create green electricity and just as importantly they don't release harmful toxic emissions, they are plants after all

Product Information
 x Pick a Quantity ( the more you buy the cheaper they get per mask).
Dimensions -  Standard face mask size.

Product Benefits

  • Made in the UK.
  • Elasticated and designed for comfort.
  • Made from superior 3 ply plant based materials.
  • The only 100% EN14342 certified compostable face masks that don't look silly ( we did find another type but you looked like you had a cone on your face.
  • Plant based smell which neutralises smells.

The Environmental Part ( things to tell your customers that will amaze).

Carbon saving per box - Per mask carbon saving 0.01kg 

How to dispose of me
 - Add me to your normal waste collection and we would recommend adding to a well tied refuse sack to keep your waste collection people safe and secure.
Home Composting - We recommend this option , only if you have no Covid signs or other transmittable health conditions.
Recycling - Not to be recycled.


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