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There's No Bad Option , Just Better Options.

Let's deal with the biggest issue our customers tell us about , how to dispose of our products for the maximum environmental gain.
As the caption mentions , there is no bad way to dispose of our products as all of our compostable products are made from plants so whether your Council doesn't dispose of them the correct way and chooses to send them to landfill or for incineration, there is no toxic downside as they are made from plants.

There is multiple ways to dispose of our compostable products and we hope you are able to or choose to do the ethical and environmentally positive action and have them composted , they are still better than plastic in every-way for the environment and for the people making them - Please note all figures are based on per box figures.

You can also find information on how to dispose of our products on the products page.

The Worst Option - Landfill

This is our least favourite option but it's important to make you aware a few things about landfills.
  1. This option is becoming a very rare way for Councils / waste collection companies to deal with it's waste as it's costly, contravenes waste policies of the devolved and British Government, so it's unlikely this is what your Council / Collection Company take your waste to landfill, our products will still improve the soil structure and not contaminate the land.
  2. Our compostable packaging is still better for the environment than plastic packaging and actually improves the soil structure.
  3. Some Councils and Waste Collection Companies collect the methane from landfills and use it as a source of power / electricity generations so there is some potential benefits from effective landfill disposal.

The Not So Great Option - Incineration

This is becoming a common way of disposing of non-recyclable products and although we prefer this to landfill , we would prefer that our products weren't disposed of in this way, but should this be the way your Council / Waste Collection dispose of waste it's worth noting the following.
  1. There is no contamination to the surrounding soil or air should our products be disposed of this way.
  2. Your Council / Collection company may generate electricity from disposing in this way, which has environmental benefits.

The Best Home Option - Home Composting 

This is a great way to dispose of our products as they are made from plants and can be used to grow plants, it's completely circular and it's great for the planet, a few things to be aware of when home composting.
  1. Our products are designed for commercial food waste disposal but they are great for home composting, but please note that our products can take anywhere between 13 to 44 weeks to break down in home composting depending on the conditions of your composter , the healthier the compost , the quicker it breaks down.
  2. Composting our products can be used as a way of reducing flooding as they typically hold 2 and a half times more water than normal soil structure.
  3. You are probably already having your food waste collected by your local Council but it varies on whether your Council will accept plant based packaging ( each Council has it's own waste policy) , if your Council won't collect them , contact your local Councillor and ask why.
  4. Most local Councils offer discounts composters, if they don't ask them why..
  5. Most compost in the UK is from peat bogs which does huge environmental damage so using our products as a peat bog compost replacement offer far bigger environmental benefit (find out more here).

The Best Business Options - Business Composting 

As a business customer you really do have the most options and the potential to make the most environmental benefits.

  1. Our products are designed for commercial food waste disposal and are certified and tested to break down in 13 weeks into Earth Friendly Compost
  2. Composting our products can be used as a way of reducing flooding as they typically hold 2 and a half times more water than normal soil structure.
  3. How to dispose of our products all depends on what you and your customers do with them but you have the choice of composting onsite, advising your customers to dispose of in their composters or having them commercially composted.
  4. Most compost in the UK is from peat bogs which does huge environmental damage so using our products as a peat compost replacement offers a far bigger environmental benefit (find out more here).

I Own a Business How Do I Get My Food Waste Collected?

If you're a business and you don't have your food waste collected , then getting it picked up and composting is as easy as clicking a link, as the following companies will provide you with a no obligation quote which should save your business money and improve your businesses carbon footprint.

We would also recommend encouraging your customers to return the items to you and using the companies below as they actually not only waste them , they turn them into nutrient rich compost.

Get a quote from Suez

Get a quote from First Mile

The legal bit

Sorry but we really should add The Pure Option™ is not connected with these companies, we offer no guarntees of their services , we are only mentioning them as they both have great feedback as to what they do and how they do it.