There's No Bad Option , Just Better Options.

All of our compostable products are made from plants, sometimes they are made from plants that look like cabbages, corn waste leaves or sugar cane waste but they are just plants after they will cause no harm, however there are good options and great options.

So what you do with our products really does make a difference , the worst case scenario is you reduce your carbon footprint by 68% but if you send out products to food waste composting, this can be hundreds of percent below the carbon footprint of plastic based packaging.
it's also cheaper to send our plant based packaging to food waste collection than send them to landfill , so it also makes financial sense as well as ethic and environmental sense.
So there is no bad option but there is definitely a very very good option.

I Own a Business How Do I Get My Food Waste Collected?

If you're a business and you don't have your food waste collected , then getting it picked up and composting is I easy as clicking a link, as The Pure Option™ has partnered up with Suez Waste Collection to provide you with a no obligation quote which should save your business money and improve your businesses carbon footprint.

I'm a home customer, how do I compost my products ?

If your a home customer, you are probably already having your food waste collected by your local Council but it varies on whether your Council will accept plant based packaging ( each Council has it's own waste policy) , if your Council won't collect them , contact your local Councillor and as why but you also have a number of other options, to find out more , you can click the link below.