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We love to make new friends as we are a socialble bunch at The Pure Option™

We have a range of products that are great for the planet and we would love working with businesses that share our values and if you are a ethical and environmentally engaged business, we would love to work with you.

What we look for it a distributor

We are an award-winning business with an award-winning reputation for honesty, great products and making a difference to our planet.

With this in mind, we do like to work with companies that share our values and to want to make a difference, we aren't dogmatic about this but we wouldn't be able to work with anyone with a reputation that damages our brand, but if you are great bunch of chaps or chappettes ( we don't discrimate) and care about what you do, your a great fit as a distributor. 

We just like nice people

What you can expect from us.

We obviously offer discounts to Distributors (more of this) but we feel we add, so much more, see these as value added extras.

Now the discount bit

We have a discount based on volume of an order as we feel this is the fairest option, it also allows us to buy materials in bulk to drive down prices, so we all benefit from bulk discounting, we are so transparent about how we work, you can see our bulk discounts below, we don't do hidden.

How do I take advantage of these bulk discounts

Give our Distribution Manager an email and tell him about your business, he is here to help, he's called Charlie Richardson ( and he always points out he is no relation to anyone with the same name).

Contact Charlie