The Purely team are dreamers and we want to create a world of informed and responsible consumers, we see our mission as educating the world about why there is no downside to making the change to Earth friendly products..
We want everyone to be a responsible consumer and that is why we have created a folder of things that you can download to educate and inform you, your customers , your colleagues or your classroom.
If there is something you would like to see and it's not here let us know as we want to assist you to make an informed educated choice.

Just some legal mumbo jumbo the Solicitors wanted us to add. sorry but it is important.
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The marketing and all content unless otherwise stipulated belongs to the Purely Disposable team and should not be used for any other purposes other than to educate ( we like to teach people about how great our products are) or to promote our products but please do not use our hard work to promote someone else business , it's not only rude but illegal and we are a small family business who spend a large amount of time creating things to inform and educate so plagiarising is not very nice and no one likes getting a nasty letter from our Solicitors.
That said we are more than happy to accommodate any reasonable request , so if we can help , let us know. 

Looking for marketing to let your customers know that your an ethical business ?

Looking for research and technical information on our products , then this is the best place to start?