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Ways you can do the right thing and grow your business

If you are a valued repeat business customer, after six months we will send you a carbon Feed a Field™ and a certificate showing the carbon you have saved in the last six months including what this means in the real world ( if we said you saved 66.21kg it wouldn't mean much to you and your customers but saying this would take a tree 1103 days to absord, is easier to visualise).

Doing the right thing is great and you should be commended for being a sustainable citizen but being responsible and not telling people means you are missing out on an incredible marketing opportunity, the modern consumers love to buy from ethical businesses, so it's ok to blow your own trumpet, it's great for your business and it allows your customers to know their purchase is making a difference.

We recommend when you get your certificate , put it by your till , put it on your website, add it to your social media pages, anything that let's your customer know your an ethical and responsible business owner, blow your own trumpet, you are making a difference , so tell people about it.

Is it really good for business?

Absolutely as research from Unilever has shown that 81% of consumers will actively choose an ethical and environmentally engaged business over it's competition, when they are aware that theiy have a choice.

You should always promote your social credentials and the fact you are buying our products means you are one of those businesses, so don't forget to tell people what you are doing.

We have customers who have started adding their carbon saving to their till area and social media feeds and they have raised sales by an average of 8% , so it makes business sense.

If you want to work this out yourself , you can find on the product pages a tab called carbon saved which shows you the carbon saved and this can help you to work it out for yourself ( all carbon savings are based on boxes of 1000).

e.g if you have 1000 items in a box and the savings are 60kg, just divide the savings by 1000 , eg 60 divide by 1000 = 0.06kg per item.

If you need any help on this our team are here to help and you can contact us using any of our contact details below.