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The Pure Option entire range of compostable single & double walled coffee cups are designed to 100% compostable and Nature Friendly™ with typical carbon savings of 72% over their plastic equivalent.
Sizes - We stock a wide range of sizes from 4oz, 8oz, 12oz, 16oz & 20oz
Type -  Available in single wall or double wall.
Usage - Designed to be used to compliment any hot or cold drinks ( some customers use them for both) including, fizzy drinks, milkshakes, coffee, cappuccino,mocha, flat white,americano, tea and hot chocolate.
Certification - Our entire range of compostable products are 100% certified to meet the world respected  EU standard EN13432 and US standard ASTM D6400
- Made from sustainable and responsibly well managed forests and non virgin ( doesn't take food away from the food chain) and Nature Friendly™ plant based PLA (polylatic Acid).
Carbon Saved - Our standard coffee / hot cups save on average 33.8kg per box and save an average of 5.6kg of materials ending up in landfill.
Customisable - It's never been more cost effective to promote your brand and we can also supply a range of custom printed cups to promote your brand in all sizes and at a budget that suits you, get in touch to discuss how we can help promote your brand.

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12oz Vegware Red Christmas Cup x 500

The perfect 12oz red jumper Christmas cup

£65.94 (inc. VAT)
16oz  89 series Blue Penguin Jumper Cup x 400

Our 16oz 89 series Blue Christmas jumper cup is great for hot chocolate with lots of cream on the top

£64.74 (inc. VAT)
8oz Vegware Christmas Jumper Hot Cup x 300

We love this Vegware 8oz knitted jumper cup in green with fir trees, reindeer and snowflakes

£53.94 (inc. VAT)
16oz Vegware Double Wall  Navy Jumper Cup x 400

16oz Navy Christmas jumper cup, a must for hot chocolates or tall lattes 

£65.94 (inc. VAT)