We wouldn’t describe ourselves as Eco warriors and we have never chained ourselves to a tree, but we do consider ourselves good citizens and we could see the damage single use plastic was doing long before it became fashionable ( in 2003 to be exact ).

So we decided to stop moaning and do something about it and as we were all a bit too old to chain ourselves to a tree, we created The Pure Option™ as our way of doing something about it.

We didn’t call ourselves The Pure Option™ by accident, we like to think of ourselves as the only 100% ethical and environmentally business selling ethical products online, if it isn't better for the environment and ethically created , we don't sell it, we are so committed to our values that we even take our values home with us.

Our products are all sourced because they are good for the planet and the people making them , we want to make the world a better place and we are committed to doing our bit.

We started out supplying a  range of products that are 100% made from plants waste generated by the food production industry , which don't remove virgin food stock and are naturally at least 68% less carbon . 70% less electricity used in the manufacturing process than plastic packaging.

The good stuff doesn't end their because they are made from plants they turn into nutrient rich compost at the end of their useful life they turn into compost which can be added to soil to grow more plants, it’s what marketing people call circular , we call it Feed the Field™ and all of our products are tested to comply with our strict  Feed the Field™ certification which guarantee's their carbon saving and positive effects on the environment.

On the surface plant made packaging does cost more ( about 14% more than plastic packaging ) but when you factor in the cost saving when disposing of our packaging , it's actually saves your business money and that's without considering that our products improve the environment, greatly improves your businesses image, we even have customers who compost our products and use the compost to grow their own herbs for use in their own kitchens.

We are on a journey to do the same thing for the home market and we will be adding products all the time to our home section, so it may be a good idea to join our newsletter so you can keep up to date on what's new.
We only do 100% Purely Natural Products™ , no compromising here.

If your like us, and like to know who you are doing business with and whether they share your values, then following bits will give you a better understanding of who we are and what we care about.


This is the let's get personal part