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As a business based in Wales , we will be entering lock down so please be aware standard delivery we be 3-5 days.
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We like to think we are a bit special, we solve an un-natural problem with a purely natural solution, we make things out of plants to replace plastics, so we really do see ourselves as a positive global corporate citizen and we have big plans, and we want to share our success.

We want to allow people to invest in our future growth, we have amazing plans, and some amazing new products that are going to say goodbye to harmful petrol based packaging products.

We would love it if you came along for the ride.

We plan of launching a share issue with Crowdcube which will allow you to buy a piece of The Pure Option™.

We haven't launched our share issue yet but when we do you can be one of the first to join The Pure Option family.

I've never invested in shares before

We want to make investing in us as simple as possible so we plan on launching a share option on Crowdcube but we want to give our customers and followers the option of being first to invest in our world changing growth.

We are only offering a limited number of shares but we still want to democratise our share issue so we are offering our shares at as little as £10.

You can invest more but we are only offering a limited number of shares so it's first come, first served and that's why we are offering the opportunity first to people who follow us on social media and people who buy from us before anyone else.

We choose Crowdcube as it provides a platform to make investing easy and for everyone , no need for Brokers as anyone can invest.

Why we are raising money

We have big plans, we really do think we can change the world ( no one could ever claim we don't aim big) and in order to do this we need money to expand, the business was started using money saved from Charlie working as a Business Advisor and although this got us off the ground, it didn't give us enough money to allow us to tell the world about what we are doing, develop our Feed a Field™ brand and to develop our new range of products, so this is where you come in.

We need to raise money but we just didn't want to do it the usual way, we didn't want to bring in Investment Bankers who would place all the emphasis on profits at the expense of values, so that's why we choose CrowdCube as they offer a democratising way of raising money without compromising our values.

That doesn't mean we don't expect to return a profit on your investment, we just plan on doing it why still being authentic to our mission to be a positive influence on the world.

We strongly believe that business doesn't have to be valueless, in-fact we think that business is the best way of changing the world for the better.

A little bit about our approach

We like to think of ourselves as different , when the world talks about the problems caused by disposable cups, the solution that was often touted was to use a re-usable cup, this is the opposite of what we do as it's a barrier approach ( not to mention the damage done by disposing of re-usable cups), it relies on people having a cup with them which is just not consistent with modern life.

So our approach was to come up with an environmentally positive disposable cup that has no downside but still offers the same flexibility to someone's lifestyle.

We only believe in barrier free responses and this is why we think we think differently.

Reasons to Invest

1. We are taking a chunk out of an industry worth a staggering £943 billion.

2. As legislation changes to reflect a more sustainable packaging industry, we are ahead of the market with over 500 products made from plants and future plans to increase this range to more than just packaging.

3. Our typical products saves 60.09kg of carbon ( find our more here). 

4. We don't just do environmentally sound business, we also believe in being an ethical corporate citizen and we have a strict policy of ethical corporate responsibility, so you can trust us to do the right thing.

5. We have a new range of products pending to create a more sustainable hot cup, compostable mailing bags and compostable labels.

6. We plan on branding all of our products to clearly inform the waste collection company and the to better inform the end user how to get the best environmental performance by disposing of them in food waste and not general waste and we will do this with our new Feed a Field™ branding.

7. We are investing in the UK, we plan on all of our products eventually being made right here in the UK ( currently 68% of our products are UK made but we are working on the other 32%).

8. We research and work with our ethical supply partners to create a new range of products made from plants and we are consistently improving the environmental performance of our products.

9. We have plans to develop an international network of supply partners to promote and sell our compostable range around the world.

10. We are a family based businesses that believes that business is the best driver for social change.

There is probably a lot more we can add but the best reason to invest is you can help to develop a company that really is making a huge difference both ethically and environmentally.

Need to find out what we have planned

You can download our investor presentation to better understand what we have planned and it gives you a pretty good understanding of what comes next for The Pure Option™

Download our Investor Presentation

How to Invest

Just fill in our share subscription agreement and email it back to the email address on the form ( please remember to fill in all the yellow parts) or we can email it to you by clicking here.

Once we receive this back, we won't be taking any money until the raise is finished and if we don't raise enough money, we won't take any money at all, so it's no risk.

Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme 
We are awaiting a response as to our acceptance to the SEIS scheme and we are confident we should be accepted, but what does that mean for you as an investor?

The first investors who invest will get a maximum tax relief of 50% up to when we reach £150,000 and then it reduces (typically to 35%).

So it's very low risk and being one of the first investors means you get the full 50% tax relief on your investment.

Anyone who invests once we have raised more than £150,000 will get a reduced rate of tax relief, so investing now makes good business sense.

We found this excellent article on SEIS which explains it better than we could.


Is The Pure Option just an online distributor?

We started as a distributor for another company but we actually went in a different direction, as we felt they were essentially a distributor who branded mainly Far Eastern products with their brand we felt this did not meet our requirement to reduce carbon from international shipping ( 12% of the embodied carbon of our products) and we were also unhappy with some of the certification from mainly Chinese companies as we were finding their claims of breaking down in 13 weeks did not match our tests and we were not certain that they operated in a socially responsible way to their employees and their supply chain.

So we started looking to the UK in 2019 to find manufacturing partners who met our ethical and environmental standards but could produce our range of products to the standard we expect and we are confident we have achieved this while at the same time keeping the costs as low to encourage companies to make the change to a more sustainable alternative to single use plastics.

This has also had the benefit of allowing us to make certain that we meet our carbon reduction aim, improve the performance of our products, allow us to be certain that we are working with companies that have an ethical approach to their employees and their supply chain and allowed us to invest in the UK.

We raised our UK made range from 0% in 2019 to 68% in 2020 and we are working on the other 32% ( we plan on manufacturing the 32% in our own facility in 2022 as we couldn’t find a UK manufacturer committed to making a PLA range in the UK.

So we currently work with others producing our products using materials we have researched and tested.

What's your plans with the money raised?

The overall plan is all of our products are branded with our Feed a Field brand so the waste collection companies and the end user disposes of them for the best possible environmental benefit.

There is also another reason we outsource our production and this is because of the cost of setting up production lines for 500 products , so it’s actually makes business sense.

The overall plan is to produce most of our products ourselves in the UK.

Have you considered Angel Investors or Corporate Finance?

We have looked at the possibility of angel investing but we felt this would change the aim of the company away from our desire to be a responsible and sustainable corporate citizen as the companies we spoke to were interested more in the profit motive , this is of course something we feel is important , we just wanted to be able to make the right choice and not always the financially advantageous choice.

If we are unsuccessful in raising money through crowdfunding , we may have to reconsider angel investing but we like the idea of a more democratised and ethical approach that crowdfunding offers.

Why are we doing an initial offering through our social media contacts and customers before launching straight onto Crowdcube?

We are offering an initial investment before launching on crowdfunding as Crowdcube’s research shows that companies that do this are more successful in raising money that launching straight on Crowdcube , the example given was the empty shop example “ investors want to invest where others have invested first and pre investment drives more investment when you go live” , so this was a requirement of Crowdcube.

Have you considered going on Dragons Den?

We haven’t applied to Dragons Den , I enjoy the program but I find that there approach is a bit more aggressive and restrictive than we are comfortable with, we are an ethical company and we feel this is an important part of our DNA and we feel the Dragon’s have a very different way of looking at business to our approach.

Although we have been asked to apply to do something similar with a very famous chef and a TV program and investment may follow , although we aren't able to talk about this until it's confirmed.

Any questions please email our Managing Director who can answer any question you have but we just want to say, we look forward to working with you in the future.

The Legal Bit

We are an ethical business and that's why we feel it is important you are aware of the following before investing.

We would love to bring you along on our journey and we plan on using your investment to grow and this is certainly an exciting time in the packaging industry so we plan on repaying your investment with dividends paid out from our profits and the option for us to buy back your shares at a profit but like all investments there is a risk and although unlikely, we can not guarantee dividend payments or to buy back your shares at a profit but please be aware our growth plan is a five year plan so don't invest if you are looking at the short term as most of the profits will be used to create further growth in the short term , so look at it as a 3-5 year investment ( or longer if you want to continue the journey with us).

So like life nothing is guaranteed, although we believe we have a robust plan for our future growth but you should never invest.