Let's Make A Difference Together

I'm sure you have seen a few of these articles and it doesn't make you feel very positive about the future and yet things are nowhere near as grim as we are being led to believe.
Yes plastics are pretty awful and do cause huge environmental damage but there is some simple lifestyles changes you can make that make a huge difference.

Follow our stage plan to make a real difference.


1. When visiting your favourite coffee shop , ask if they are using our plant based compostable cups.

2. When asking for a straw, ask if they are using compostable straws.

3. When visiting your favourite takeaway, also ask if they are using compostable containers.

4. Find a milkman... we have halved our office and personal recycling box waste ( we drink a lot of tea).

5. Use a refillable bottle instead of single use bottles and you even save money at the same time.

​​​​​​Buy loose fruit and vegetables as you can get away with no bag, no need for plastic trays or bags and you save money too, as you only but what you need.

If you want change and let's face it , why wouldn't you , why not make the these  simple changes to your lifestyle and make a difference.