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Made from Sugar

What's bagasse ?

Bagasse is a great environmentally positive eco-friendly alternative to polystyrene as it's made from waste generated from the sugar industry, so it's even reusing a waste material.
It's a perfect example of a circular product ( it comes from nature and gives back to nature), as it's made from plants and can be composted to grow more plants, it's a natural Earth Positive™ way of replacing a environmental problematic material like polystyrene.
Their really is no downside to bagasse as it has all the benefits of polystyrene but none of the downsides , it's natural and a waste product, it's has great insulation properties as it keeps your food hot or cold for longer and it doesn't transfer the heat / cold to your hands and it has a brilliant temperature range from 
It's offering a natural solution to a un-natural problem like plastic, basically it has all the upside but none of the downsides it's completely environmental and ethical.
Think of it as natural, biodegradable, compostable and it doesn't take virgin food stock out of the food chain and it's process is naturally extracted.