Made in Britain

We love the UK and we want to support UK manufacturing so we have been working with UK companies to create the best biodegradable, recyclable and compostable products to meet our pretty exacting standards and we have become so successful that we now have 67% of our products made in the UK ( we are working on the other 33%).
All of these products are made for The Pure Option™ using materials that provide an environmental and ethical solution to current packaging.
Shifting to UK manufacturing helps to secure jobs and employment opportunities in the UK but also reduces our product embedded carbon savings to a minimum of 80% over nasty plastic single use packaging.
Giving your customers our products already helps the environment which is something your customers will appreciate but buying products from this section also let's them know it's made in the UK.

Some benefits to tell your customers about our "Made in the UK" range.
  1. At least 68% carbon reduction on single use plastics with an additional 12% from shorter supply lines.
  2. Most UK manafactured paper products come with either PEFC™ & FSC® certification and offer standardised and consistent board quality and traceability,
  3. All of our UK manafacturers have waste recycling programs along with compliant to Producer Responsilibity Obligation Regulations 2007.
  4. Processes that actively reduce of energy consumption which further reduces carbon emissions on top of standard carbon reduction.
  5. Sustainable managed wood sources in line with EUTR.
  6. Enviromental Management System that satisfies ISO14001:2015