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Changing the world starts with small steps and the fact you are here is a very big small step (we appreciate this is an oxymoron) just think the minimum carbon saving per box is 60.09kg , so buying just one box makes a world of difference.
It's not cynical to say you should be telling the world that you are an ethical and environmentally engaged consumer, so we have created a load of resources for businesses and schools as we want the world to say goodbye to plastic single use packaging.
We want everyone to be a responsible consumer and that is why we have created a folder of things that you can download to educate and inform you, your customers , your colleagues or your classroom.
If there is something you would like to see and it's not here let us know as we want to assist you to make an informed educated choice.



Looking for our latest brochure, some templates to use for a social media campaign or even posters, window stickers etc , find them all here, if we are missing something that would help your business, let us know as we want to help you become a more sustainable business.

Business Downloads

Looking for information to educate your classroom about compostable and plant based materials, find them all here.

School Downloads


We have a pretty huge range of research on our products but also environmental and ethical consumerism, if you have a question or need a copy of research that applies to our products you can email our Research Manager (he would love to hear from you as he doesn't get out much) - I want facts and answers please.


Looking to run a story on compostable or plant based packaging or you want to write an article on The Pure Option and our mission to make the world a more sustainable place?

We have an online folder with lots of media information on The Pure Option™.

Media Information

If you want to contact our Media Manager to discuss an article or to ask for information, please email our Media Manager direct who would love to chat to you and to share resources to make writing your article quicker and easier, they can also provide lots of research if needed.

Contact Media Manager