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We originally started off with a huge range of compostable napkin, but everyone was ordering the same three types of napkins and calling them different names like interfold and novafold etc so we decided to simplify everything and stick with the napkins people really wanted.
We currently only stock kraft napkins (brown wood effect if your new to compostable products) because our research shows that the consumer feel they offer a better carbon saving (which doesn't really make a difference but people think it does) , so we've made it easier to find the perfect napkin for you.
We stock the three most popular and sustainable options, so it's now easier than ever to find the right napkin and still make a huge environmentally positive choice.

  • UK made in a social enterprise that helps to provide better employment options for people with disabilities.
  • Made from a recycled material so they don't use virgin materials.
  • Can be recycled in paper waste or can be composted in with your food waste or home composter to add positively to the environment. 
  • Can be custom printed to your requirements, just tell us the size,colour ( there are two compostable options white and kraft) and type you want and we can create them with your brand.
  • Improved carbon footprint (12% less carbon) because this product is made in the UK (see individual products for carbon saved).
  • We can also  supply our napkins in white on request but we don't carry this as a stock line so minimum order quantities will apply, please click on our We are Here logo in the bottom right hand corner or email us if you need white.

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Feed a Field Large Sustainable Kraft Napkins  - Recycled

Feed a Field Large Sustainable Kraft Napkins 2ply