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No2 Vegware Kraft Food Boxes

No2 Vegware Kraft Food Boxes

4 quantities available.

Product Information

Why we recommend them

Practical, yet elegant in design, these  food cartons are great cartons for takeaway foods.

The no2 food carton is the perfect size for side dishes such as rice and noodles, small pies or chocolate brownies.
Sustainable sourced board with a water-based PLA (corn based) greaseproof lining.
This product has easily visible green compostable banding to let your customer know how to dispose of this container to get the best possible environmental benefits. 

These boxes are reduced to clear as we have a new range to replace these so when they are gone, they are gone.

Something to think about
Great for festivals and events that have removed single use plastics, as these can be added to your food waste or even if they are sent for incineration of landfill disposal, they cause no harm.
There is quite a few more environmental benefits so if you don't have a food waste collection, we can help you find one.

Product Information
Size - 51 oz / 1450ml 
Quantity - 280
Dimensions - L140 x W195 x H48mm / 6 x 8 x 1.9"
Alternate uses - Noodles, salads, pastas and any take-away foods.

The Environmental Part ( things to tell your customers that will amaze).
Carbon saving per box - 60.09kg
We recommend telling your customers the information below , it will amaze your customers and will drive sales ( based on average planes, cars and homes).
The Equivalent of 
Car - 41.73 miles.
Plane - 130.63 miles.
Home - 6.35 days.
Trees ( amount of time a tree would take to absorb the carbon) - 1002 days.
How to dispose of me
- Can be composted into macro nutrient rich compost in under 13 weeks in commercial food waste collection and a little bit longer for home composters.
Home Composting- Can be composted at home but times vary in home composters depending on compost health and location.
Recycling - Can be recycled in certain facilities provided by certain Councils and waste collection companies, ask your waste collector if they recycle bio polymers.


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