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No7 Fresco Compostable Disposable Pizza Slice Box 8x7"

No7 Fresco Compostable Disposable Pizza Slice Box 8x7
No7 Fresco Compostable Disposable Pizza Slice Box 8x7
No7 Fresco Compostable Disposable Pizza Slice Box 8x7
No7 Fresco Compostable Disposable Pizza Slice Box 8x7
No7 Fresco Compostable Disposable Pizza Slice Box 8x7

No7 Fresco Compostable Disposable Pizza Slice Box 8x7"

Packs of 10

Ideal for pizza, crepes or even of lovely quiche.


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Why we love them

Our new Fresco range is the perfect low cost solution to serving your amazing pizza slices as they are easily assembled and these boxes comes have a handy finger tab to make opening easier.

  • Simple assembly to speed up food service.
  • Finger tab allows for easy opening.
  • Ideal for hot and cold foods.
  • Biodegradable, compostable and recyclable.
  • Part of our Made in Green Britain™ range , made right here in the UK.
  • Made using sustainable board from well managed forestry stock (either FSC or PEFC).
  • Send flat packed to save space.
  • Compostable water based grease proofing to stop their contents leaking.
  • Certified as compostable and ethically sourced to Feed a Field™ standards.

Dimensions - L215 x W165 x H40mm/ 8.5 x 6.5 x 1.6" (at widest point).

Alternate uses - Great for any slices.

Material - Cardboard.

Origin - Made from sustainable FSC™ managed wood stock.

Its an easy win.

Buying our products are an easy win as 100% of or compostable products are made from plants, so end to end they are great for the planet and whether they end up in landfill or incineration they don't release toxic emissions and don't harm the environment, but if they are disposed of properly they will actually help the environment, if you add them to your food waste collection ( let your waste company know they aren't plastic) with one of our plant based bio bags and they actually benefit the environment, it's your choice as just switching is great for the planet but proper disposable actually adds additional carbon savings , if in doubt get in touch as we don't just want to sell , we want to help you make the best decision for your business, your customers and the environment ( not a lecture but just wanted to make you aware of all the options).

There is no bad option, only better one's

No matter how you dispose of any of our products, there are no downsides as they are made from plants , they just break down into planet friendly compost and add positively to the environment, that doesn't mean we think it's great for them to be sent to landfill but even if they do get sent to landfill, they still don't contaminate the environment, they are made from plants after-all but there is better ways to dispose of them.

Commerical Food Waste Collections - Can be composted into macro nutrient rich compost in under 6 weeks in commercial or home food waste collection.
Home Composting - Can be composted at home but times vary in home composters depending on compost health and location.
Recycling - Add me to your paper and cardboard recycling.

Your in expert hands

We were one of the UK's first companies to distribute plant based packaging (if not the first) , all the way back in 2003 (we went off and did some other things and returned in 2018) but our mission is still the same, to replace toxic packaging with Planet Friendly plant based packaging.

We have Europe's largest range of compostable and biodegradable products with 300+ products made from plants which means when they are disposed of , they turn into compost, which is great for the environment and completely circular.

Switching to plant made packaging doesn't have to cost more and you don't have to compromise on quality, durability and function, as our 300+ products have all been tested to be better than the harmful plastic alternative.

We aren't ecological warriors but we believe we can all make a difference, if you can replace your environmentally damaging packaging with our plant based products, you can have all of the benefits without any of the negatives ethical and environmental downsides.

100% Planet Friendly Packaging™

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