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Party Boxes

Our meal  boxes are perfect for children's parties, especially if you have a themed party. They are also great for serving your children's menu. We also have some great designs for adult parties or events.. All our boxes are compostable and recyclable making them easty to dispose of  and we can even bespoke print with your own design or logo. 
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Gift Pouches x 250 choice of 3 designs

These pouches are perfecct for gift shops or sampling.

Festival Meal Boxes x 250

Festival meal boxes are also great for gifts and samples

Pop Art Meal Boxes x 250

Retro Pop Art meal boxes

Multi Coloured Party Boxes x 10

These party boxes are made from sustainable board and can be recycled and composted x 10

Standard Meal Boxes
Surprise Meal Box x 250

These brightly coloured boxes with comic art expressions.  

Farm Meal boxes x 250

Bring Farm animals to your tables.

Teddy Bear Meal boxes x 250

Waving teddy bears with paw print background.

Bugs'n' Slugs mealboxes x 250

Friendly Bugs 'n' Slugs meal boxes for all nature lovers.

Pirate Meal Boxes x 250

Watch out Polly does not pinch the crackers with these pirate boxes

Under The Sea Meal Boxes x 250

Under The Sea meal boxes

Wild Life Meal boxes x 250

Wild Life boxes for wild parties.

Team Tucker Mealboxes x 250

Team Tucker meal boxes

Dinosaurs Meal Box  x250

Dinosaur meal boxes

Creature Club Meal Boxes  x 250

Creature Club meal boxes for all animal lovers

Circus Meal Boxes x 250

Circus meal boxes perfect for show people

Fairytales Meal Boxes x 250

Magical Fairytale meal boxes

Race Time Meal Boxes x 250

Race time meal boxes for all fast vechicle fans

Space Aliens Meal Boxes x 250

Cute Alien Meal boxes with rockets and planets.

Woodland Meal Boxes x 250

Woodland meal boxes with a 3d effect

Union Jack Flag Meal Box x 250

Union Jack Flag meal boxes great for gift boxes or street parties.

Football Meal Box x 250

Football meal boxes

Treasure Chest Meal Box x 250

Is this chest full of treasure of food goodies?

Monster Party Meal Boxes x 250

Monster Meal Boxes

Monster Party Scoop x 250

Monster party scoop

Monster Mini Carton x 250

Monster mini carton, perfect for snacks and treats.

Monster Party Lap Tray x 500

Monster lap tray

Jungle Lion Meal Boxes x 250

Jungle Lion and his friends fun meal boxes

Colour-in Jungle Lion Meal Boxes x 250

Color-in Jungle Lion Meal box encourages creativity

Jungle Lion  Scoop x 250

Jungle Lion Scoop, perfect for finger foods.

Jungle Lion  Snack Cup  x 250

Jungle Snack Cup great for wraps and finger foods

Jungle Lion Lap Tray  x 500

Jungle Lion Lap Tray perfect for child portions.

Spotty Meal Box x 250

Spotty Meal Box, you really can see spots before your eyes with these meal boxes.

Spotty Scoop x 250

Spotty Scoop for finger foods and wraps

Spotty Mini Carton x 250

Spotty mini carton perfect for snacks

Spotty Lap Tray x 500

Spotty lap tray perfect for both hot and cold food.