Portion Pots

  • compostable made from plant-based PLA or recycled sugarcane

  • light and strong

  • safe and non-toxic

  • PLA pots perfect for foods up to 40C

  • bagasse pots perfect for hot food 

Vegware's  eco PLA portion pots contains 79% less embodied carbon than plastic. Choose your size from 0.5oz to 4oz. Our bagasse portion pots are available in a 4oz size, with 99% less carbon than polystyrene. Made from recycled sugarcane, they're perfect for hot dips and sauces. Choose your lids separately. We have two PLA lids - one for 0.5 and 1oz portion pots, and one for 2 - 4oz portion pots. We also have a bagasse lid, suitable for our 4oz bagasse portion pots.

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Portion Pots
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