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Salad & Deli Packaging

Salad's need a window so people can see all the amazing colours and that's why all of our salad containers have an amazingly clear window that shows off their contents.

The paper part comes from a sustainable managed wood source with a certified chain of custody and the window bit is made from corn based PLA

Something to think about.

No matter how you dispose of any of our products , it all upside but there is a best way of doing things and adding them to a food waste collection (if you haven't got a food waste collection, let us know and we can recommend companies for you) or composter will create a nutrient rich compost than can be used to replace harmful chemical based fertilisers or peat based composts ( read about how damaging peat based composters are here).

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Kraft Ingeo Biodegradable / Compostable Salad Boxes x 200

Kraft compostable and sustainable salad boxes x 200