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Sandwich Boxes

Our sandwich wedges are completely compostable amd designed to break down into Earth Friendly compost in under 13 weeks in commercial composters or a bit longer in home composters.
 They are made from kraft board with a compostable liner and a clear window made from plant-based PLA.
They are supplied flat and assembly is very simple - quick fill and packaging design.
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Kraft Eco Compostable Sandwich Pack x 500

Eco Friendly sustainably sourced board and a PLA window with easy closure sandwich pack.

Rear Loading Plain Kraft Triple Sandwich Pack x 500

Plain Kraft triple sandwich pack

Large Kraft Sandwich Box x 500

Kraft Eco Friendly Sandwich Box x 500

Kraft & PLA Windowed Bloomer / Cookie Bags x 250

Kraft PLA Bloomer / Cake bags x 500

Kraft Sandwich Sofa x 500

Kraft Sandwich Sofa

Open Baguette Trays x 500

Open baguette tray in a choice of two colours

Tuck Top Baguette boxes x 125

Baguette box with a choice of two colours

Tuck Top Wrap Boxes x 500

Tuck top wrap boxes available in two colours