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When thinking of compostable packaging you don’t automatically think of peat bogs but there is a link because if we replaced all 36 million tonnes of single use plastic disposed of every year in the UK with compostable packaging , this would create enough compost to completely replace the need for peat bog extracted compost ( we really don’t like peat extraction).

Let's not forget that nature created peat bogs as a natural counterbalance / carbon sponge,  so every-time you extract peat you release tonnes of carbon into the environment.
 The following shows the environmental benefits from ending peat extraction.

  1.  Peat bogs account for only 3% land mass of the UK and yet they hold 20 times more carbon than all the forest in the UK combined.
  2. Extraction and draining of peat bogs releases 630,000 tonnes of Co2 into the environment ( the same as the Co2 generated by all the houses in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Leeds combined).
  3. The UK may be a small country but it contains 13% of the worlds bogs and has the biggest opportunity for benefits from ending extraction in the world , even more than Indonesia which has had a lot of media attention due to their peat bog fires.
  4. 75% of the UK water comes from an upland source and upland peat bogs naturally filter drinking water.
  5. 435kg if carbon is stored in each square meter of peat bogs.
  6. Peat bog drainage and extraction add over 5% of the UK Co2 emissions.
  7. Peatland hold 30% of the estimated 1500pg (picogram) of global soil carbon.
  8. Europe peatlands have reduced by 48% in 200 years .
  9. Each year we extract 106 million cubic feet of compost for horticulture.
  10. Peatlands are renewable, however the renewal rate is 1mm per year, so it will repair itself if we stop extracting from it.
So if everyone switched to compostable packaging, we would reduce carbon release worldwide by 630,000 tonnes of Co2.