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Single Wall Cups

The Pure Option™ range of compostable single walled coffee cups are designed to 100% compostable and Nature Friendly™ with typical carbon savings of 72% over their plastic equivalent.

Our single wall cup range is designed using a superior Ingeo™ PLA lining which keeps the heat in and unless your serving hot teas above 90° which will mean you may be better with a double wall cup or a sleeve / clutch ( we would recommend trying them with a hot tea and see what you think).

What are they made of? 

All of our cups are made from sustainable and responsibly managed board and lined with a compostable corn based PLA which means they can be recycled and composted where facilities exist.

What sizes are available?
We stock a wide range of sizes from 4oz, 8oz, 12oz & 16oz.

What can they be used for?

The obvious usage is for hot drinks such as cappuccino's and hot chocolates but more and more people are using them as sweet pots, cold drinks, ice creams and even soups.  

How do I know they are compostable?

Our entire range of compostable products are 100% certified to meet the world respected  EU standard EN13432 and US standard ASTM D6400.

What is are their environmental benefits?

We can tell you the exact carbon savings on all of our cups and they save a whopping 60.09kg of carbon, to put that into perspective that would take a tree an impressive 1002 days to absorb that much carbon and just as importantly they save an average of 7.2kg of materials ending up in landfill/ Our standard coffee / hot cups save on average 60.09kg per box and save an average of 5.6kg of materials ending up in landfill.

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4oz Ingeo Single Wall Compostable Hot Cups

Looking to serve the perfect espresso or looking for a cup for samples, then our 4oz cups are perfect.

6oz Ingeo Single Wall Compostable Hot Drink / Soup Cups

These Ingeo 6oz single wall cups are made from sustainable sourced board and plant based PLA.

8oz Ingeo Single Wall Compostable Hot Cups

If you want a regular size that is great for the planet, then this is the cup for you.

12oz Ingeo Single Wall Compostable Hot Cups

We could bore you with a long description but in the interest of saving time, this cup is 12oz which is the most popular size and it's compostable.

16oz Ingeo Single Wall Compostable Hot Cups

Looking to provide a large cappuccino or a luxurious hot chocolate then 16oz Ingeo lined hot cups are the perfect product.

8oz Compostable White CPLA Sip Thru Lids

These lids are white and fit any of our 8oz hot cups and if you add them to a composter, worms love them , very tasty.

10 to 20oz White CPLA Sip Thru Lids

10 / 20oz Compostable White Hot Cup Lid

8oz Black CPLA Sip Thru Hot Cup Lids

8oz Black hot cup lids designed to fit any of our 8oz hot cups.

10 to 20oz Black CPLA Sip Thru Lids

These lids are stylish and give you a high end look and they fit any of our 10 to 20oz cups.