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There's been a lot of media headlines about straws and they are a pretty hot topic at the moment but you can feel confident that all of our straws are good for the environment and are certified to our Feed the Field™ standard.
All of our straws are 100% compostable and when disposed of, they create macro nutrient rich compost.
We get a lot of people saying " I hate paper straws, they always go soggy " , we remember these straws but things have moved on with thicker paper insulation and all of our paper straws are tested to make certain that they don't break down in your drinks, as a minimum they last at least 6 hours in a liquid and in most cases, much longer.
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Black Paper Straw Vegetarian Society Approved

Vegetarian Society Approved Black Papper Straw

£7.14 (inc. VAT)
Red Striped Paper Straws Vegetarian Society Approved

Red and white stripe straws suitable for vegetarians

£7.14 (inc. VAT)
Red & White Striped Straw
Striped Paper Drinking Straws x 25

Retro, cool, striped straws made from paper

£1.80 (inc. VAT)
PLA Black Cocktail Straw 3mm

3mm elegant black cocktail straws

£15.54 (inc. VAT)
High Ball Black PLA Straw  5mm x 8.25" /210mm x 4800

These Black straws are perfect for larger cold cups and glasses

£79.14 (inc. VAT)
Standard Green Stripe Clear 5mm x 8.25" PLA Straw x 4800

Great for cold drinks 210mm long 5mm diameter

£74.34 (inc. VAT)
Wrapped  PLA Jumbo Green Stripe Straw 7mm 8" x 4800

These Green stripe straws are 21cms / 8 1/4" long and have a 7mm diameter

£119.94 (inc. VAT)
5mm Green Stripe White Ecovio Straw x 6500

White with a green stripe 209 mm long and 5mm diameter

£86.34 (inc. VAT)
Wrapped White & Green Stripped Ecovio Compostable Straw x 500

Standard wrapped green and white striped straw 209mm long 5mm diameter

£141.54 (inc. VAT)
Jumbo 7mm Ecovio Green Stripe  Straw  x 5000

Green and white Stripe Jumbo Straw 209mm Long 7mm Diameter

£21.54 (inc. VAT)
Jumbo Green Stripe White  7mm Ecovio Straw x 3000

No plastic in our wrapped straws

£133.14 (inc. VAT)
7mm PLA  Jumbo Straw with Green Stripe

Perfect for sipping your favourite drinks.

£14.34 (inc. VAT)
Cocktail Black Paper Straws 145 x 6mm x 7000

Black Paper Cocktail Straws

£236.34 (inc. VAT)
High ball Black paper straw 5mm x 7.7"  x 8800

An elegant black paper straw

£374.34 (inc. VAT)
Standard white flexi paper straw, wrapped 6mm x 7.7" x 3200

Standard size white bendy straws

£116.34 (inc. VAT)
White Paper Straw Vegetarian Society Approved

White paper straws approved by the vegetarian society

£7.14 (inc. VAT)
Wrapped  Jumbo White Paper Straws 8mm x 7.7.5"  x 2400

Jumbo white paper straws wrapped for hygiene to

£121.14 (inc. VAT)