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Made from plants , really?

This is one of the most common things for people to say to us , but it's true , all of our products are made using surprisingly old technology that has been rediscovered for the 21st Century.
Most of our products come from waste plant matter generated by the food production industry, so they don't even use virgin food stocks, so they are compostable,sustainable, made from a by product and great for the environment when they end up being composted.
The only products that are truly Nature Friendly™ from harvesting to disposal.                              In a nutshell if it isn't ethical and environmentally positive, we don't sell it.

  1. Natureflex made from FSC certified wood and used in any film product such as bags, windows on boxes etc.

Country of Origin – 100% US manufactured.

100% less carbon than plastic equivalent.


  1. FSC Paper Products which are used for our paper straws, cups bowls and boxes – 100% British Manufactured.

Minimum 80% less carbon than plastic equivalent.

  1. Polylatic Acid (PLA) Used as a plastic replacement and can be found in our cutlery and cold cups.

PLA products are predominately made from corn waste generated by the food production industry.

100% US manufactured but we are currently working with Cardiff University on the feasibility of UK production of a bio polymer made from sugar waste, so we may be manufacturing a similar product within the next few years.

Minimum 89% less carbon than plastic equivalent.


  1. Polylactide Aliphatic Co-polymer (CPLA)

Like PLA but used in products that need heat resistance such as hot cup lids.

100% US manufactured.

67% less carbon than plastic equivalent.


  1. Palm Leaf

These are made from moulded and dried palm leaves and they are used to create disposable plates and bowls.

Minimum of 89% less carbon than plastic equivalent.

100% Indian production.

  1. Bagasse

These products are made from sugarcane waste generated by the food industry and is typically used in containers for foods, especially good for hot foods as these products retain their heat.

100% Made in China.


  1. Mater-BI

Used in all of our compostable / biodegradable bags and some films.

100% manufactured in Italy.

99% less Co2 than standard plastic equivalents.


Please note that Co2 savings are a minimum and don’t take into account the fact that a number of them are waste products so they would normally be taken to landfill so the Co2 savings quoted may be considerably higher.