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Things to go with Drinks

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12-20oz Compostable White Hot Cup Lid
From: £5.95
These lids are stylish and give you a high end look and they fit any of our 16-20oz cups.
From: £5.49
These lids are white and fit any of our 8oz hot cups and if you add them to a composter, worms love them , very tasty.
From: £4.95
8oz Black hot cup lids designed to fit any of our 8oz hot cups.
From: £5.49
These spoon straws are great for smoothies and slush type drinks and they are made from corn.
From: £2.95
Lovely and sturdy traditional strong Red and white stripe paper straws
From: £5.95
Extra wide red striped straws and they are endorsed the Vegetarian Society Approved
These products are designed to compliment your hot drink and soup containers and all of them are manufactured to a high socially responsible standard with improved work practices and they are all made to be composted so they positively add to the environment.