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Wrap boxes

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Elegance Tuck Top Wrap Box x 500

Elegance tuck top wrap pack

Plain Kraft Short Wrap Pocket  x 1000

Plain kraft short wrap pocket

Plain Kraft Tortilla Scoop x 1000

Kraft tortilla wrap scoop

Plain Kraft Wrap Box x 500

Plain Kraft tuck top wrap box

Plain Kraft Wrap Pocket  x 1000

Plain kraft wrap pocket

Plain Kraft Wrap Sleeve x 1000

Plain Kraft wrap sleeve

Tuck Top Wrap Boxes x 500

Tuck top wrap boxes available in two colours

White Medium Scoop x 1000

White medium scoop

White short wrap scoop x 1000

White short wrap scoop

White Wrap Pocket x 1000

White wrap pocket

White Wrap Sleeve x 1000

White wrap sleeve